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Current Cases / Adoptions

Listed below are the pets that are currently in our care. You can follow their complete journey on our blog. They are, or will soon be, available for adoption.

Prior to adopting any animals, you must complete Save One Soul’s adoption application, and go through the entire approval process, including a reference check and a home visit. The approval process is very thorough and can take a couple of weeks to complete. Our adoption fee of $150.00 is payable at the time the adoption gets finalized.

If you have dogs on your own, we verify with your veterinarian that your dogs are up to date on their vaccinations for: parvo, distemper, rabies and bordatella. Titer tests, showing adequate protection, are also acceptable. Providing your dog with flea and heartworm protection shows responsible dog ownership, and we do therefore check into this as part of our routine approval process.

It is our goal to make each and every single adoption experience a great one. We will do our best to determine that we make a great match the first time.

Thank you for considering adopting from Save One Soul.

Founder of Save One Soul



Name of Pet
Date of Take In
Reason forTake In

Taken in From
Adoptable as Of

Sadie 01/14/20187

Sadie came to us as a 7 month old puppy, who has been suffering with recurring fevers since she was 10 weeks of age. Her owners had tried all they could, and were no longer able to care for this beautiful young lab. As a last ditch effort, they contacted us about taking her, and so we did.

Sadie's journey has been a long one, and fevers initially returned, until she was treated with 2 strong antibiotics. Once vaccinations were started again, Sadie had a fever again! This time, it was due to meningitis, which is currently still being treated.

When Sadie is not down with a fever, she is full of happiness and energy. We are trying our best to make her life a long and fulfilled one.

Louisville , KY

Willie 05/02/2017

This two year old dog came to us after he was attacked by another dog. Willie had deep lacerations on his neck, which had become badly infected. Despite being in pain, Willie always loved people and other dogs. His wounds have healed now, and this 35 lb dog is currently looking for his forever home.

Willie loves to play with other dogs, and he enjoys to cuddle when he is not playing. His adoption fee is only $150.00 . Complete this application if you're interested in adopting him.

Louisville, KY

Hope 08/03/2017

Hope found herself at an animal shelter at the tender age of 6 to 7 weeks of age. She was covered in fleas, lethargic, and had a terrible eye condition. We were asked to take care of this puppy, and we agreed to take her on.

A first trip to the vet showed that she had an elevated white blood cell count, she was anemic, had coccidia, was dehydrated, her right eye is ruptured, and her left eye has low tear production. There is no doubt that her right eye will be removed, but we first will need to improve her overall health, so that she can have the surgery in the first place.

Meade County , KY








We fostered Mercy.
After her first adoption match failed,
we decided to adopt her and make her a
permanent member of our family.



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