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Happy Tails


The great dogs shown below have been brought back to health, and subsequently found their forever homes.

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Name of Pet
Date of Take In
Reason forTake In

Taken in From
Adopted On

Pasha 10/17/2016

Pasha was picked up by animal control officers as a stray that was hit by a car. He was estimated to be only 8 to 9 months of age, and noone claimed him as theirs. He had a fractured hind leg, and his future did not look good at all, so we stepped up to save this dog. he has had surgery to repair the fracture, and continues to recover. Once his crate rest is over, he will require physical therapy.

Update: Pasha has completed his treatment and is now available for adoption. His leg is working great, and he is not expected to have any long term issues.

Meade County, KY



Skittles came to us from a shelter in southern Indiana. Her health issues were emotional in nature: she was terrified of everything, including sounds, objects, and people. She also had house breaking issues. We've been working with her on her issues, and she has been making nice progress.
Floyd County, IN

Morning 04/27/2017

Morning came to us from a shelter in Muhlenberg County. She had a severe skin condition and was in need of immediate care.

Once Morning received life saving treatment at Preston Animal Hospital, she soon began to feel and look better. Morning will soon be spayed.

Muhlenberg County, KY

Tiny 06/22/2017

Tiny's was surrendered after being abused by a family member of her original owner.

Fortunately for Tiny, we were able to welcome her into our family, and take care of the medical problems found. We also brought her up-to-date on her vaccinations, had her microchipped, and spayed.

Tiny's story was so compelling that her adoptive family decided to adopt her shortly after our initial announcemnent! Tiny is living the good life now, and enjoys playing with her new sister.

Louisville, KY

Powell 01/09/2017

Powell is a dog that had earned "frequent flyer miles" at the Davies County animal shelter. This was his third time of ending up there in less than 6 months. This time, tests showed that he was not only heartworm positive, but he also had gotten hit by a car, and fractured his hip joint. To make matters worse, his owner did not want him back anymore.

Powell will be a long term case. He will first need to undergo treatment for the heartworm infestation. This will involve lots of crate rest, and we're hoping that the crate rest will also aide in healing the joint fracture, but we will need to re-visit this once his heartworm infestation is under control.

Davies County, KY

Snickers 08/13/2017

Snickers joined us with a severe case of demodectic mange.

Shortly after welcoming her into our family, Snickers started to show symptoms of parvo, a potentially fatal illness. Fortunately, her foster recognized the symptoms quickly, and Snickers was able to recover.

Snickers is also responding well to the mange treatment, as is evident in this picture. She is scheduled to receive her vaccinations soon, and then, she'll be spayed before being available for adoption. This young dog (approximately 6 months old) loves the company of other dogs, and sees life as a wonderful adventure. To adopt Snickers, please complete an adoption application. Snickers' adoption fee is $150.00.

Muhlenberg County, KY

Mocha 06/19/2017

Mocha was found by Bullitt County Animal Control - left in a parking lot, inside of her crate. She was extremely matted and emaciated. The shelter immediately took her to a veterinarian, where she received care.

After agreeing to take her on, we learned that in addition to the above, she also had mammary tumors, a tumor on her head, an eye condition, and she was in need of dental care. We are currently in the process of getting her through the various medical procedures she needs. So far, the results have been good, and we're keeping our fingers crossed that things will remain this way.

Bullitt County , KY

Piper 07/20/2017

At less than 3 months of age, Piper found himself at a local gas station - "free to good home". Luckily, a good samaritan decided to get him out of this situation, and took him to Preston Animal Hospital, which in turn contacted us for help.

We all know that his outcome could have been very bad, and we simply could not allow for this to happen.

Louisville, KY

Holly 12/22/2017

Holly came to us after ingesting rat poison. Her owner took her to an emergency room, but elected not to get treatment for her. Thankfully, the staff at the emergency room asked the owner to sign the animal over, and then contacted us to help save the life of this precious 3 month old dog.

Louisville, KY


Oz 02/13/2017

Oz was surrendered to a shelter in Hopkins County, because his owner could no longer afford him.

When arriving at the shelter, Oz was extremely fearful of everything. He could just not cope with life at the shelter. Oz also appeared to have an injury to his left front leg, even though x-rays were inconclusive.

Since taking Oz into our program, we noticed that he is also favoring his right hind leg. An exam by our veterinarian leads us to believe that Oz may have nerve damage to his front leg, and possibly a fracture of his knee or hip . We will find out more when we will have more x-rays done when we have him neutered. Oz has been put on pain medicine, keeping him comfortable.

Oz is doing great now. He is happy in his new home, loves to play with other dogs, and snuggle with people.

Hopkins County, KY

Dodger 01/03/2018

Dodger was thrown from a moving vehicle on New Year's Day. A good samaritan witnessed the incident and stopped to get Dodger help and into a rescue, which in turn contacted us for help.

Dodger who had a fractured leg, very deep lacerations, and a knot on his head, made a full recovery and has been adopted by his foster family.


Meade County, KY



Oliver & Bentley 11/20/2017

Oliver and Bentley joined us when they were only about 5 months old, suffering from a severe case of mange. They initally had both, demodectic and sarcoptic mange. Thanks to the staff at Muhlenberg County for addressing the sarcoptig mange, making it possible for us to take them on and placing them into foster care.
Both dogs also suffered from skin and ear infections. They have responded well to their treatments.

Muhlenberg County, KY

Blitz 07/17/2017

After Blitz's owners lost their home, he found himself homeless with no place to go, flea ridden and other skin issues. A good samaritan contacted us, and we were able to turn his life around. Blitz, now Cosmo, is now happy and healthy and loves playing with all the new dogs in his life.

Jefferon County, KY









We fostered Mercy.
After her first adoption match failed,
we decided to adopt her and make her a
permanent member of our family.



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